I ♥ coffee — but not coffee stains on my teeth.

coffee11Ever notice how stained teeth look worse around the edges? That’s because the plaque (a thin, nearly invisible layer of bacteria and food debris) that accumulates between teeth and at the gum line attracts stains like a magnet. Limit plaque and you’ll fight stains, too.

I haven’t given much thought to coffee or tea stains since I started following The Smile Routine. The Smile Routine’s system of “whole mouth clean” helps to prevent stains by removing more plaque and avoiding the plaque build-up that traps stains.

The Smile Routine also helps with “coffee breath.” Because your mouth and teeth are cleaner each day, a quick rinse with water after any beverage will “freshen” your breath and will help to prevent stains.

Another thing! You know how coffee can stain a porcelain cup. It, along with tea and colas, does the same thing to your teeth. When you do indulge in staining beverages, do so in one or two sittings rather than sipping such drinks throughout the day. And if it’s convenient, rinse your mouth and brush after drinking them.

:c) SMILEY TIP — Okay, you may not want to try this with hot coffee, but sipping iced tea, cola, and fruit juices through a plastic straw will reduce your teeth’s exposure to these staining beverages.

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