Hello world!

Welcome to The Smile Routine! This is my first post, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy joining me to explore the many benefits of whiter teeth and fresher breath in helping you to have your very best smile.

Why did I write an eBook and a blog? Over the years my dentists have asked me “What do you do to maintain a healthy smile, despite being a heavy coffee and tea drinker?”

Like you, I’m just a regular person, so I’m grateful that my efforts have paid off successfully for me without damaging my teeth or costing me a fortune. That’s what prompted me to share my personal “smile routine” and secrets with you.

My routine has helped me to simply and inexpensively:

  • Breeze through my biannual checkups for 30+ years
    with healthy gums, no cavities and mild cleanings.
  • Enjoy being asked on a regular basis whether
    I’ve had my teeth whitened professionally.
  • Skip waking up with “morning breath” for decades!

We’re all individuals … and each one of us is just a little different, or a LOT different, from each other! If you’re like me, the key to oral hygiene success is finding your own personal routine that works well for you.

In my eBook, The Smile Routine, I share my personal rituals in the hopes that it will help inspire you to find your own personal best “smile routine.”

Thanks for sharing a smile.
Happy smiling!