How The Smile Routine works.

05-18-13.TSRThe Smile Routine is a set of super simple and easy steps that helps you to have whiter teeth and fresher breath in as little as 7 days.

What makes The Smile Routine work? I’ll get to that in a moment. First let me say a few words about what doesn’t play an important role in The Smile Routine. Products. That’s right! The Smile Routine does not focus on any particular product — it is up to you to determine what oral hygiene products work best for you.

The Smile Routine is a system. For the vast majority of people, The Smile Routine system will 100% ensure that your teeth and mouth will be cleaner. Because your teeth and mouth are cleaner, your oral hygiene should improve, your teeth should look whiter, and your breath should be fresher. That’s true for practically anyone. Anyone! So The Smile Routine is just about guaranteed to work for you, too.

What’s fun about The Smile Routine is that it’s refreshing! It feels good while you’re doing it and your teeth and mouth feel amazing for hours afterwards.

Plus, The Smile Routine becomes addicting. Most people find that they have less tolerance with the everyday clean that they were accustomed to. Everyone that has reported back to me indicates that they much prefer The Smile Routine’s everyday clean over what they had before.

Knowing that in less than 10 minutes you can recapture the feeling of that “just from the dentist” clean will drive you back to The Smile Routine again and again. That simple and everyday success is what makes The Smile Routine work!

I’m not a dentist or health care professional — I am a regular person, just like most of you. I started experimenting with ways to improve my oral hygiene without spending a lot of money more than 40 years ago. I’ve been successful in taking good care of my teeth despite my love affair with coffee and tea.

I enjoy taking care of my teeth, but I’m not a fanatic. I sometimes skip brushing. I sometimes don’t floss. But I’m consistent enough with The Smile Routine such that even when I miss, my mouth still feels clean — I never wake up the next morning with bad breath.

My dental checkups are always stellar. While others may spend an hour or more having their teeth cleaned, I’m in and out of cleanings in 15 minutes or less. My family, friends, colleagues, dentists and even strangers comment on how much they appreciate my smile. I am constantly asked whether I have had my teeth professionally whitened.

The really good news? You can have everything that I have simply and easily, at home, without using harsh chemicals, and without spending a fortune. What are you waiting for? Get started with The Smile Routine today for less than the price of a tube of toothpaste or drop me a line with your questions or comments at

Thanks for sharing a smile!
Happy smiling,

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