Routines help you through tough times.

166181605 (2)It’s been reported that sticking to a regular routine as much as possible is important for people who are battling depression.

Whatever activities you decide to engage in, try to do them at the same time every day. ‘A routine—anything from jogging and shopping to brushing your teeth—helps you avoid the stay-in-the-house-in-your-pajamas syndrome, which can make things worse; a routine demonstrates to you and to others that if you are capable of getting through the day, you are capable of recovery.’

SMILEY TIP :c) — You’d be hard pressed to find a better 5-minute pick-me-upper than The Smile Routine’s Simple-6 Steps. The Smile Routine is low-cost, refreshing and immediately makes you feel better about yourself — keep it on your short list for fighting the blues!

Thanks for sharing a smile.
Happy smiling,

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