Aim for a “whole mouth” clean!

77147026 (2)As I’ve mentioned before, I started developing The Smile Routine without realizing it more than 30 years ago. At that point, the big “aha” for me was that most people only brush their teeth. In fact, I had a dear friend tell me once that her dentist had to instruct her to brush the backs of her teeth. Since childhood, she had been brushing only the fronts of her teeth — go figure!

When you give it  some thought, you’ll come to the same realization that I did many years ago. That only brushing your teeth is a bit strange. There are all those other areas in your mouth where bacteria are building up and affecting your oral hygiene and dental health.

My first step towards embracing my own customized approach to oral hygiene was to begin to achieve a “whole mouth” clean. So brushing my teeth was just a part of my daily ritual. In time, I achieved significant improvement in my oral hygiene, so much so that I noted that I didn’t wake with “morning mouth.”

At first I thought it was just my vanity at play (you know, sometimes you’re the last to notice an odor about yourself). However, I was engaged at one point and my fiance spontaneously asked me how it was that I didn’t have bad breath in the mornings?

Part of enjoying The Smile Routine is knowing that practically anyone that starts practicing the Simple-6 Steps of the routine will improve their oral and dental hygiene, generally from the very first day.

Thanks for sharing a smile!
Happy smiling,

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