The power of everyday success.

87178448 (1)Ever diet for a week and find that you’ve lost 1/4 lb? Or perhaps it was 5 lbs? Which loss was more motivating? The 5 lbs, right? It is so much easier to remain motivated if you can see the significant benefit of your actions each and every day. That’s why I’m excited about The Smile Routine. The simple and easy steps of The Smile Routine guarantee that you will have a “just from the dentist” fresh feeling every day.

An extra benefit is that you’ll become accustomed to having really clean teeth and a clean mouth. So whenever you skip doing your best in terms of brushing your teeth … and we all skip … nobody’s perfect, you’ll immediately notice the difference. You’ll be uncomfortable and dissatisfied with anything less than your everyday clean. You’ll be decidedly motivated to get right back on track; and you will get right back on track, because The Smile Routine is just that easy and refreshing to maintain.

You’ll know immediately that The Smile Routine is working for you because your teeth will feel smoother … you’ll notice less debris sticking between your teeth after meals … you’ll wake up without morning breath! With regular use, some people may also see an improvement in their gums.

Here’s one other added extra plus. Because you start and end your day successfully with The Smile Routine, you’ll be just a bit more motivated towards success in the other areas of your life. The tiny investment that you make in good oral hygiene each day can help you to be the everyday winner you are meant to be.

Thanks for sharing a smile!
Happy smiling,

:c) SMILEY TIP You may find that some dental products help you to feel more refreshed in the a.m. and others help more in the p.m. Don’t be afraid to switch things up in the mornings or the evenings so that you feel your best regardless of the time of day.

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