Have a job interview? Need extra confidence?

145196887 (2)Confidence comes from two things: The knowledge that you have “what it takes” and that you’re avoiding things that take away from your efforts. Whiter teeth add to your positives, but bad breath can be a powerful detractor. The Smile Routine helps you to win in both arenas.

Because The Smile Routine is built on simple super easy steps that thoroughly clean your whole mouth, you’re investing each day in extra confidence that you may want and in some cases, may need. Like during a job interview! Because you are successfully removing more of the stuff that can dull your smile, damage your teeth and gums, and cause bad breath, your confidence goes up.

There are a lot of oral hygiene products out there. Many of those products focus on killing the bacteria that build up in your mouth and form the plaque and tartar that help stains take hold on your teeth, as well as damage your gums. Bacteria feeding on the tiny food particles in your mouth create many of the odors associated with bad breath. If you wake up with “morning mouth,” it’s because bacteria have been hard at work while you were sleeping.

Most of us have a favorite toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. And in most cases I suspect, your oral hygiene products are great! You can improve the results that you get with your favorite products by using The Smile Routine system that not only relies on killing bacteria, but successfully removes bacteria each and every time. What’s more, you’ll have proof. Obtaining a “whole mouth clean” means you’ll wake up without any sticky film on your teeth and without morning mouth.

Consistently cleaning your whole mouth will improve your dental health, help you to have whiter teeth and boost your daily confidence. There are no worries about bad breath, because you know you’ve removed the bacteria that causes it. A breath mint is no longer a cover up, it’s a refreshing pick-me-up!

Laurie, The Cynical Girl and human resource professional, says that bad breath is the one thing that kills job interviews for many. Using The Smile Routine can help you boost your confidence for the next job interview with whiter teeth and fresher breath — and who doesn’t want to feel more confident during their next job interview?

Thanks for sharing a smile!
Happy smiling,

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