Taking a moment to say, “THANKS”!

D.L.-Happy SmilingI started out on a journey to share my success in oral hygiene. I’m not an expert — just someone who has been at it for a long time! :c)

In just a few months, I’ve heard from people who have helped others with very serious dental problems. I’ve been reminded of the profound suffering that comes with dental illness.

I was also thrilled to learn that there is a School of Smile in Dhaka, Bangladesh where the teachers help students maintain good oral hygiene and use the power of smiling to enrich the lives of underprivileged children. Tauhidul from the School of Smile reminds me that: “Smiling is a language of life. Smiling is a way to success. Smiling helps improves your personality and wins hearts.”

More than anything, I want to thank everyone associated with The Smile Routine for reminding me that caring counts. When we share the good things in our lives, so much good comes back to us that it is overwhelming. At least for me!

Thanks to everyone who visits TheSmileRoutine.com and is a member of our smile community on Facebook. I’m hoping to learn more about your experiences and to get your feedback and suggestions along the way. Thank you all for sharing a smile!

Happy smiling,

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