How does The Smile Routine work?

The Smile Routine is a set of simple super easy steps that when completed regularly will without a doubt noticeably improve your oral hygiene, the appearance of your teeth, and the freshness of your breath.

Because you see results quickly and because your teeth and mouth feel so much cleaner, you will become dissatisfied with the everyday “clean” you were accustomed to before. If you are like me, you’ll never tire of the feeling immediately following your daily Smile Routine sessions. If you stray — skip a day or two on occasion, you will always come back to your Smile Routine because it feels great and it works!

So the key to what makes The Smile Routine work is proof — noticeable results. You will notice almost immediately that your mouth feels cleaner and that your teeth look better.

A friend who is generally a skeptic … in fact always a skeptic, received a sample of Listerine pre-brush mouthwash in the mail the day she purchased The Smile Routine. She does not follow the entire Smile Routine, and knowing her, she likely never will. She did, however, try the pre-brush mouthwash as indicated in The Smile Routine and reported the very next morning that her teeth felt smoother.

A month later, my friend randomly reported that her teeth were noticeably whiter and that she was impatient following lunch because her teeth didn’t feel as clean as they do in the mornings and the evenings following her personally customized Smile Routine. She’s employing just one step that, for her, meant improvement the first thing the very next day … and even more noticeable improvement a month later.

Whatever the status of your oral hygiene, you will achieve benefits by employing The Smile Routine. Not the least of these benefits is more refreshment while cleaning your teeth, no more morning mouth and whiter teeth. You can achieve these results without spending a fortune or relying on harsh chemicals. That’s a pretty sweet deal in exchange for 10 minutes of effort, twice a day!

:c) SMILEY TIP Be certain to find and use products that you really like and feel comfortable about. That way, you’ll look forward to using them each day.

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