Indecent proposal? It’s all about the smiles.

I ran across this interesting story where a woman had been challenged to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in order to win his heart, a proposal and an engagement ring.

Today’s smart woman doesn’t take such things lying down. She proceeds to turn the challenge into the Eat, Pray, Love of sandwich making, investigating ever more creative sandwiches to make … and she blogs about it daily.

300-sandwichesMore than halfway to the goal of becoming Mrs. Sandwich Man, her story breaks in a big way in the New York City press where it caught my eye. I was drawn to this photo of the couple — very attractive people by most measures, including their smiles.

My interest in the story and the couple increased tremendously once I saw them together, smiling. Before that I was a bit put off by the demand for sandwiches, her giving into his whims, and some of the ongoing commentary in the blog about the day-to-day trials of making 300 really tasty sandwiches.

Noting their very real and genuine smiles turned all that around … they seem happy together. Something tells me that there’s some fun going on with these two! And that’s the power of a smile. It tells so much more about the story of people than just words, alone.

Keeping your smile white and bright is much more than oral hygiene, it’s a way to help tell your story.

Thanks for sharing a smile!
Happy smiling,

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